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Castro Valley, CA

"Having a session with Natalia is like going back to the healing waters of Mother Earth.  It is an experience of renewal and restoration on all levels.  She creates a sanctuary of peace beyond what most people have ever experienced.  It is totally and completely a deep healing journey on all levels physical, mental, emotional & spiritual.  I felt completely renewed as she carried me into a healing  heavenly realm."


Victoria, B.C

"Natalia has consciously chosen to be of loving and healing service to humanity.  She has devoted herself as a pure channel so that love, light and peace of mind, heart and spirit may occur for all who avail themselves of her special gifts!
I have been very fortunate to receive many of her healing sessions and I am so grateful to have her available to guide me through my healing process."


Oakland, CA

"A close friend of mine informed me about Natalia's Quantum Healing gifts and encouraged me to try it.  I was very pleased with the deep relaxation and peace that I experienced days after my first session.  I am so glad I took the leap and tried it as it provided me with both emotional and physical healing.  The session is the equivalent of receiving an hour and a half mama hug.  I felt so relaxed and at peace.  I always come away renewed and full of energy with a deep sense of wellbeing."


Livermore, CA

“I have had the privilege of receiving healings from Natalia and I can wholeheartedly say that my experiences are both enlightening and transformative. From the moment I stepped into her healing space, I felt a great sense of calm and reassurance that this would be a unique and powerful journey towards healing and self discovery.  
Natalia displayed an incredible depth of knowledge, expertise and passion for her work.  Her understanding of Quantum healing principles, energy fields and consciousness was  impressive, and she effortlessly explained complex concepts in a simple and understandable way.  I truly felt like I was in the hands of a true professional. 
Natalia's intuition and empathic nature shone through. She demonstrated a genuine interest in my well-being, actively listening to my concerns and addressing them with utmost care and compassion. Her ability to sense blockages and areas of energetic imbalance in my body was astounding.  Through her gentle touch and skillful manipulation of energy, I could feel the release and alignment happening within me .   I highly recommend Natalia for anyone willing to embark on a transformative journey."


Victoria, B.C.

"My healings with Natalia  have been some of the most wonderful and transformative experiences I have ever had.  She combines her passion for channeling, her knowledge of different healing modalities, and the powerful connection she has with her spiritual guides to bring you an unimaginable sense of calmness, wellbeing and love.  Her sweet and tender ways to direct healing energy is without a doubt one of the most transformative and powerful experiences I've ever had.  I am forever grateful for Natalia and her legion of Celestial & Spiritual Guides, Ascended Masters, Elementals and Source Energy that have worked through her to help me heal"


Las Vegas, NV

"After surviving a massive heart attack, I was feeling incredibly weak and anxious, I suffered from insomnia and experienced a lot of back pain.  After receiving healings from Natalia I noticed a difference immediately.  I felt an overwhelmingly deep sense of peace, love and protection all around me. The pain and discomfort melted away as our treatments went on.  I was able to sleep and rest peacefully from the first session.  The transformative effects of the healing sessions were immediate and profound.  I experienced a sense of clarity, lightness and harmony that I hadn't felt in a long time.  It felt as though layers of negativity, emotional baggage and physical discomfort were lifted away, revealing a renewed sense of vitality and peace.  The healing continued to integrate into my life long after the sessions, opening up new perspectives and pathways for personal growth.  Thank you dearest Natalia for all your hard work.  We are very fortunate to have you to help us navigate difficult moments in our lives."
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